Crysis Remastered review

More in line with the seventh-gen console ports than the original PC version, there are some significant visual enhancements to the single player campaign along with some light gameplay refinements. But poor optimization and missing features prevent Crysis Remastered from being the definitive version. The ability to fully customize weapons on the fly adds even more to the free form combat allows players to really measure their approach.

Part of that is due to intelligent enemy AI which will employ different tactics to take players down. Though dipping occasionally, Crysis Remastered normally runs between 40 and 50 fps. Just don’t consider this a full representation or ultimate edition of the original. Microsoft Flight Simulator is a huge leap for the series – and for the genre as a whole. Microsoft Flight Simulator By the time a port made it to Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 in 2011, hardware limitations meant some unflattering compromises still had to be made.

Performance may be all over the place but Crytek’s remaster can push high-end gaming PCs to the limit. Thank you for signing up to TechRadar. By itself, the single player is still a great semi-open world shooter that allows great levels of freedom. The pinnacle of peaceful pursuits Ural Garrett is an Inglewood, CA-based journalist and content curator.

The remaster doesn’t provide the same visual splendor of the original but still looks pretty good due to high resolution textures that can reach 8K levels, improved art, better water effects, some redone lighting and support for ray tracing. Call of Duty: Warzone is a new contender to the battle royale crown, but it’s still likely to give Fortnite more of a run for its money than Blackout ever could. By Lloyd Coombes last updated 27 November 2019 However, it still comes at the cost of missing the jaw-dropping Ascension chapter and multiplayer.

By Henry St Leger last updated 26 June 2019 It makes sense, considering how considerably scaled back the respective sequels felt when released simultaneously on consoles. But poor optimization and missing features prevent Crysis Remastered from being the definitive version. There’s even a “Can it Run Crysis” graphics preset to push gaming PCs in the same way the original game did back in 2007.

We give our official TechRadar review on the latest instalation of FIFA. Sign up to get breaking news, reviews, opinion, analysis and more, plus the hottest tech deals! Pokémon Sword and Shield mark the eighth generation of the series and the first mainline games on Nintendo Switch. By Jordan Oloman last updated 27 November 2019 Longtime fans may be left disappointed with a somewhat better console port.

From stalking enemies like prey or rushing in guns blazing, the single player campaign for Crysis has aged well. His byline has been featured in outlets including CNN, MTVNews, Complex, TechRadar, LA Weekly, The Hollywood Reporter and more. Anyone who missed out on Crysis the first time around may have a good time despite not receiving the full original game.

Outside of buying better PC components in the future in order to eventually play “Can it Run Crysis” mode at 8K, there isn’t much of a reason to come back.

Crysis Remastered review


p>Crysis Remastered The Sega Genesis Mini is a compact reimagining of the iconic 16-bit console for its 30th anniversary. The visual splendor also played into the game mechanics. Meanwhile, ray tracing looks spectacular despite some odd glitches including the player model’s gun disappearing in reflections. The game is relatively short at under 10 hours and there isn’t much to do between core mission objectives and the odd collectables. Beyond updated visuals is the same shooter about technologically advanced special forces fighting North Korean soldiers and mysterious aliens.

Updated We give our official verdict on the phenomenon that is Fortnite. For instance, the long draw distance even allows players to tactically assess how they want to handle combat encounters ahead of time. By Emma Boyle last updated 17 March 2020 By Matt Hanson last updated 12 September 2019 And even though this is a visually enhanced remaster, there are still some problems with textures like foliage that look muddy when you get too close.

We give our official verdict on Respawn Entertainment’s Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order . By Vic Hood last updated 27 November 2019 Updated Nintendo brings its playful level editor to the Switch, and it isn’t afraid to let you screw around. Performance may be all over the place but Crytek’s remaster can push high-end gaming PCs to the limit. Far Cry might have put German developer Crytek on the map in 2004, but 2007’s PC exclusive Crysis solidified it as a studio that pushed technological boundaries. CryEngine showcased what high-end gaming PCs were capable of as seventh-generation consoles found itselves limited by one and two years old hardware. An impressive amount of creativity is made possible by the suit’s ability to transition between Speed Mode, Strength Mode, Stealth Mode and Armor Mode.

Those who want to play Crysis Remastered with the original’s nanosuit control scheme can enable that in the settings, though. Crysis Remastered reminds us of a time when AAA PC games weren’t hindered by console ports. According to Crysis Remastered project lead Steffen Halbig, there isn’t a card available that can hit 30 FPS at 4K with this quality preset – but he did say that before the RTX 3090 came out.

At the time, Crysis’ large sandbox environment featured beautifully rendered jungles that were incredibly lush, fantastic lighting and Children’s Party Dresses some of the most realistic character models one had seen at that point. Here’s what we think of the latest addition to the Call of Duty franchise. This means that pressing the sprint key automatically allows players to use Speed Mode at the cost of energy and holding the spacebar grants the Strength Mode jump while armor and camo are given separate buttons. Transitioning between being stealthy and bursting into a full-on assault is still quite the experience. However, similar to the Xbox 360 and PS3 ports, the default controls are similar to Crysis 2. By Jordan Oloman last updated 18 November 2019 By Emma Boyle last updated 29 June 2020 Running “Can it Run Crysis” mode at 1080p does deliver some fairly decent results on an Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 Super.

Crytek’s opus set standards for PC gaming visuals enough for “But can it run Crysis” to still be a meme years later. Beyond updated visuals is the same shooter about technologically advanced special forces fighting North Korean soldiers and mysterious aliens. Since the multiplayer and Crysis Warhead are missing, there isn’t much to do besides playing it at harder difficulties.

Creating a distraction with C4 on one side of the base, mowing down some soldiers, hiding out with camo and firing upon the remaining enemies with Armor Mode enabled is still a blast. By Lloyd Coombes last updated 28 June 2021 Missing the late game Ascension chapter is incredibly disappointing considering how much of a visual feast it could have been with the modern graphics tweaks. This makes the priced Crysis Remastered a curious case.

From stalking enemies like prey or rushing in guns blazing, the single player campaign for Crysis has aged well. But, lacking the well received multiplayer, the Ascension chapter and Warhead expansion means that it doesn’t feel like a complete package. If you want to hit a stable 60 fps consistently, you’re probably going to have to tweak the graphics settings. You will receive a verification email shortly. Players control special forces operator Nomad who utilizes a highly advanced Nanosuit to combat North Korean forces and aliens on the mysterious Lingshan Island.

Gamers who missed the original game in the late 2000s will find a lot to love in Crysis Remastered. Even if you do, the frame rate is still a bit rocky – Crysis Remastered is hindered by poor optimization – we even ran into several crashes in our time with the game. Crysis’ single player campaign remains one of the greatest shooters of all time, but it feels somewhat dated.


The best MP3 players for everyday use

The best MP3 players for everyday use.

Can record through a line cable. Supports 5 formats of audio.

The bundled headphones do not quite convey the sound quality.

A versatile player that can be used for both sports and recording. A real memory of eight GB and a very catchy and accurate screen increases the comfort of use of this model.


Playback up to sixteen hours in economy mode, up to twelve hours in regular mode.

1&#34; white monochrome OLED, three ways to record, fast charging in 6 minutes, sports clip.

Two year limited warranty.

Critical recharging is done in only three minutes.

No sports clip.

This player, like most models from Sony, this high-quality sound and long charge retention. Bass Boost function provides the deepest sound. To work without interruption player can work up to 20 hours. Supports two major audio formats, it is quite audible and easy to use.

Playback up to 20 hours.

LCD monochrome screen, rapid 3 minute charging.

Can use microSD up to sixty-four GB.

Only synchronizes with PC via native cable.

The usual player with a decent battery. Finds an equalizer for the best sound options. Small but very informative screen shows all the necessary information: battery level, title and duration of tracks, file types, etc.д.

LCD monochrome screen 0.8&#34;, there is a slot for microSD to sixty-four Gb, sports clip.

Refund within 10 days.

Relatively large LCD screen, two headphone jacks.

Normal and successful player with a rubberized casing and a loop for a lanyard. Form factor in the form of a flash drive protects the USB port from clogging. It is possible to start playing files from the point where you stopped, even after reloading.

Up to 6 hours on highest settings.

LCD monochrome screen 1.1&#34;, two headphone jacks.

Refund within 10 days.

Can also work as a USB sound card.

Small and catchy, with a hard sports clip, this player is just made for exercising and running. Nothing superfluous, just the features you need. Red flashing light lets you know it’s working and easy swapping memory cards lets you listen to unlimited amounts of music.

Has microSD slot for up to 30 two gigabytes, sports clip.

This site is a free online resource that strives to offer helpful content and comparison features to its visitors. Please be advised that the operator of this site accepts advertising compensation from certain companies that appear on the site, and such compensation impacts the location and order in which the companies (and. The scoring that appears on this site is determined by the site operator in its sole discretion, and should NOT be relied upon for accuracy purposes. In fact, Company. Except as expressly set forth in our Terms of Use, all representations and warranties regarding the information presented on this page are disclaimed. The information which appears on this site is subject to change at any time. More info.

Product Reviews.

Transcend MP330.

Transcend MP330.

Maximum music.

Music on headphones makes any journey easier, even the longest, and makes everyday life a little more fulfilling. The main thing – that the music in the player was enough for ever, and the player did not turn off at an inopportune moment. A good choice for those who want maximum music is the Transcend MP330 player with eight GB of memory – enough space for about two thousand songs or 500 to twelve voice recordings. You can listen to music for up to sixteen hours or record for up to 20 hours. Not enough, the player supports virtually all available formats: MP3, WMA, WMA (DRM), WAV, ADPCM, so you will not be limited to MP3 and WMA, as with most players.

The player is equipped with a monochrome one-inch OLED display, the main difference from the majority of similar – is its amazing brightness. All data is displayed in white color, so it is perfectly visible in any light. Control is carried out by a large central button and 4 additional buttons that are responsible for playing files. In addition, there are end buttons for recording and other functions. All the buttons are easy to press, soft and don’t stick.

And for entertainment, and for learning, and for sports.

As it was already said the player supports a lot of formats, and not only music formats, so it can be used not only for recreation, but also for education. It has a record function with a line cable, so you can record directly into the player, for example, video lessons that you watch on the web to go back to them at your leisure. You can also use the player as a recorder to record lectures or to make notes during important meetings. It is also possible to record with FM-radio. In terms of sound quality, this player is also quite well-proven.

Urgent recharging.

The battery in this player is very powerful. It enough for twelve hours of continuous music playback in standard mode, and if you go into economy mode, which turns on the “screen saver” and disable the song lyrics sync function, you can listen to music for up to sixteen hours, and to record and quite up to 20 hours. But even this battery runs out of battery at times. But even if the player is 100% dead, and you need it urgently, you can use the quick recharge. Just 6 minutes – and you can play music for up to an hour without interruption.

More info.

Sony NWZ-B183F.

Sony NWZ-B183F.

Recognized quality.

Our review of MP3 players would not be complete without the player from Sony – it speaks for itself. Small-sized case made of high quality materials, the highest level of sound, capacitive battery and a good accurate screen – all these features of this model. The player supports the major and most necessary sound formats, MP3 and WMA, and has four GB of memory. According to the manufacturer, it is enough for about nine hundred music files. The player also provides the function of radio, with a fairly sensitive tuner and the radio is played virtually without interference. There is an additional feature Bass Boost, which provides a very massive sound of the bass, and electric equalizer. Operating mode, the song being played and battery level is shown on a monochrome LCD display.

The quality of the sound played back in this player is really very decent. The player is also supplied with headphones, but most of the users noted that the included headphones do not pass all the original Sony bass, so it makes sense to buy them separately. The sound level of the player is excellent, usually enough to turn it up to 20 somewhere, and 20 to four for those who like to “hotter”. Naturally, the louder you listen to music, the faster the battery will run down, you should keep this in mind.

Only three minutes to charge.

The battery in this player is totally decent and allows you to work up to 20 hours without recharging (at medium settings in economy mode). Comfortably, the manufacturer has foreseen the possibility of critical charging: only three minutes and you will have about an hour more to listen to music. Note that the player is made in an ergonomic case in the form of a flash drive and it does not need additional wires for charging: It is easy enough to remove the cap and plug the “flash drive” in the USB port. And while the player will be charging, you can download to it new tracks directly from your PC or laptop.

Beautiful design.

And, of course, there’s no getting around the player’s striking design. B-1, the buttons are placed in a particularly comfortable way, taking into account the wishes of most users, on the front surface of the case and on the edge. W-2-s, aluminum coating makes the player more “serious” and expensive, and the touch is even more pleasant than that of ordinary plastic enclosures. And, c-3-s, you can choose a color to your liking: dark, gold, pink, reddish or blue, to highlight their specialty. MP3 player Sony – it is not only good quality, but also a famous brand.

More info.

Digma R2.

Digma R2.

Decent economical model.

This model is one of the good options when you need a not very expensive and at the same time decent quality player. It supports the major music formats, MP3, WMA and WAV, equipped with a small screen (more details below) and a sports belt clip for comfortable attachment to clothes. Also the player can be used as a radio and small-sized recorder, so it is suitable for recreation, and to record, for example, lectures with the following listening. In addition, it would be a good player for jogging, because it is small and controlled by a large button-joystick with memorable location of the control buttons.

Included with the player you get earphones with soft ear cushions and a USB-cable for downloading music to the player from a PC or laptop, also for charging. Player can be charged from the wall outlet, why suit the adapter (standard from a phone will do). Despite its small size, the player is equipped with an equalizer with seven fixed options.

Small but informative display.

This model has a monochrome screen, which displays the Russian menu. The screen is very informative, despite the small size of 0.8 inches. So, the display shows:

battery level; the number of the playing track.

The screen is accurate enough and all the data is well read, for example, during training or jogging.

Music without interruption.

This model also has a good performance – the player runs up to 20 hours of music playback mode, indicating that the battery is not spared by the manufacturer. The built-in memory in the player is four Gb, but it is possible to significantly expand it thanks to the slot for microSD card – you can use a card up to sixty-four Gb, and this is just enough for you to stern playlist or a few audiobooks.

More info.



Player for every day.

Normal and successful Qumo player, without extravagances and with the right functionality, this player can be your reliable companion for more than one year. Very lightweight, only 20 5 grams, it will not be noticeable in your pocket, and thanks to the rubberized coating of the case will not slip in your hands and you can switch tracks. The case is made in the form of a flash drive, so you do not need any additional cables, and the port does not get clogged in a pocket, because it will always be closed. In addition, the case includes a loop for a lanyard, so you can further secure the player as needed.

Double effect.

A distinctive feature of this player is a double headphone jack. While others buy special splitters in order to comfortably listen music for two, you can do it immediately, without additional equipment. True, the second pair of headphones will still need to buy. In this case, as noted by the users, the highest volume playback will depend almost entirely on the headphones, so you should take the choice carefully.

Noticeable screen.

Taking into account the low price of the player and its small size, it is pleasantly surprised by the relatively huge LCD display with a diagonal of 1.1 inches. Screen resolution is 100 20 eight x sixty-four pixels and characters are quite accurate. The screen displays the track number, their total number, time and battery level, in other words all the necessary information.

Additional information.

Perfeo VI-M003.

Perfeo VI-M003.

The colorful detail of your look.

This player model has a nice design with colorful accents. The player is quite small, but it is quite performant: continuous playback time is about 6 hours. The screen in this model is absent, which contributes to a longer player work without recharging. By the way, pay attention: for the player to work very long, after buying a couple of times quite a charge and discharge it before turning off.

Not a bad choice for activities.

This player combines all that is necessary for sports player. First, it is very small, only 40 x 20 nine x thirteen mm, and lightweight (15 g), so that neither while running or during exercise, he will not interfere. Secondly, it is equipped with a special clip, through which the player can be mounted on the belt, in a pocket or other detail of clothes. Clip is quite compact, so the player does not slip, even with the narrow material. And, c-3, here’s a fairly standard control, which can be done without looking.

In addition, it should be noted a good volume device, so that even when exercising in a noisy environment your records you can listen to without too much trouble. There is no charge indicator, but there is a red blinking operation indicator. To summarize, it can be said that this is a pretty high quality player for its price.

Another option for use.

The player can also work as a memory EVLENMEK from Turkish to English card reader and sound USB-card. So you can slightly unload the microprocessor of your computer to work sharply.

More info.

What is an MP3 player.

Mp3 player is a music device for playing audio files with both headphones and other speakers. The player is usually small in size for easy carrying in a pocket or bag. The name MP3 has a deciphering – it is the MPEG-3 audio codec, which allows you to record music files with a different number of bitrates, and these are specific files can play MP3-player. This format allows you to significantly reduce the size of music files, compared, for example, with the same CD-discs. Even if the player has a small amount of memory, it is fully able to hold quite a lot of songs thanks to the MP3 file format. In addition, there is often a slot for a memory card, so the best MP3 player will hold many files.

In order to enjoy the quality of melodies of different genres, you should consider buying quality headphones. Most ideal for this, of course, fit model closed, but they, in turn, have a fairly large size. Therefore you can use a smaller solution in the form of vacuum models, which provide a secure fit in the ear.

Features to compare.

Memory capacity.

The first thing you should pay attention to when choosing a music Mp3-player – is, of course, the amount of memory. In such devices it is very important to have a good capacity to store your entire music library. The memory can be both integrated and expandable, but it can be realized a variant in which there is no integrated memory and it is immediately necessary to expand the memory card. Typically, for such purposes use microSD cards, which can have up to two hundred gigabytes of memory. The slot for these cards is in any player in the sharp access, so you can remove and change them without long delays and with the greatest convenience.

Standalone operation.

The second, more fundamental in the player, is, of course, its autonomous operation. Because the devices themselves are small, they can not place a huge lithium-ion battery and have to enjoy a small power storage. On average, even the smallest model will be able to work for about 10 hours under heavy load, which is enough for several hours of walking and sports. There are also models in which the power supply can be changed without assistance from others as needed – a model with a finger or pin AA and AAA batteries.

The player control also plays a more important role. First, pay attention to those models in which you can choose an understandable for you interface language to quickly understand the settings of integrated functions. Very comfortable when each button corresponds to a single control function, because placing multiple functions on one button can be confusing, and this is not a very comfortable solution. Make sure the model has a lock button option, otherwise you might accidentally switch tracks in the pocket when it is not necessary. In general, the player’s interface should be intuitive with large, accessible keys that are easy to press even to the touch.


1. Maxim Spivak How to choose an MP3 player, hotline. March 20, 2016.


A Yankee drove a Nissan Frontier 1.6 million miles

A Yankee drove a Nissan Frontier 1.6 million miles.

In two thousand seven years, Brian Murphy bought a Nissan Frontier (the equivalent of a Navara) and since then has traveled more than one million miles (or 1.6 million kilometers). Nissan’s press service told us that Murphy often spends an average of thirteen hours a day behind the wheel.

At the 7 hundred and 20 5 thousand miles “Nissan” was required to replace the unique generator and radiator, 1.12 million miles – the timing chain. And after 1.28 million miles, Murphy changed the clutch of the five-speed manual transmission. The driver’s seat had lasted about eight hundred thousand kilometers before it was replaced.

Nissan thanked Murphy for “illustrating the durability and reliability of the Frontier” and gave him a new Nissan Frontier. In the meantime, the “record-breaking” pickup went to the company’s Smyrna, Tennessee, plant as an exhibit – where the pickup was assembled thirteen years ago.

According to the 62-year-old driver, the old pickup runs great as before. He didn’t rule out the possibility of driving a million miles in a new car (but thought about reducing the length of his working day).

The new Frontier has not changed from the outside, but it has a 3.8-liter V6 with more than three hundred horsepower.с., all-wheel drive and 9-speed automatic transmission.

Video: Brian Murphy and his Frontier Millionaire

Previously, Nissan showed the cabin of a tiny crossover Magnite, which should be the most affordable model on the Indian market. A Lada designer invented a sports car concept for Nissan. As a base he took “Sylvia”, whose creation ended almost 20 years ago.

Nissan has decided to bring the Nissan Ariya electric car to Russia. Residents of the country of the rising sun promised not to delay the delivery of the new electronic crossover.


Nausea and vomiting.


Vomiting must be distinguished from regurgitation (regurgitation) of gastric contents, which is not accompanied by nausea and severe contraction of the abdominal muscles. In the presence of achalasia or rumination syndrome or Zenker’s diverticulum, undigested food regurgitation may occur without nausea.


Severe vomiting can lead to the development of dehydration and electrolyte disturbances (usually metabolic alkalosis and hypokalemia), relatively rarely accompanied by ruptures of the esophagus – partial (Mallory-Weiss syndrome) or complete (Boerhaave syndrome).

If the patient’s consciousness is impaired or absent, vomit can be inhaled (aspirated). The acid in the vomit can cause severe pneumonia, causing aspiration pneumonia.

Long-term vomiting can lead to malnutrition, weight loss, metabolic disorders.


Nausea and vomiting occur when the center of vomiting is irritated. Immediate causes can be at the gastrointestinal (GI) tract or central nervous system (CNS) levels, or in systemic diseases (see Table: Selected Causes of Nausea and Vomiting).

The most common causes of nausea and vomiting include:

Cyclic vomiting syndrome (CVS)

Chronic nausea and vomiting syndrome is a functional disorder characterized by symptoms for at least 6 months, including the past 3 months. Anxiety-causing nausea and / or vomiting occurs at least once a week. This disorder should be suspected in patients who, after routine examination (including upper GI endoscopy), show no signs of an organic, systemic, or metabolic disease that could explain the symptoms, and in those who have excluded self-induced vomiting, an eating disorder behavior, regurgitation and rumination. (one).


Google has made a “magic” tool to easily reflash phones to “pure Android”

Google has made a “magic” tool to easily reflash phones to “pure Android”

Google has made an online Android Flash Tool app to make it easier to reflash Android smartphones. For now, it only works with certain Pixel line devices and a number of single-board computers. You can run it under Windows, Linux, macOS and Chrome OS.

The “magic” app.

Google has developed a proprietary application Android Flash Tool to flash devices based on “pure” Android OS. The idea of the project is to simplify the process of changing the software on the device.

The Android Flash Tool, writes the resource SlashGear, is a web application available at and does not require installation on your computer. SlashGear calls the application “magical” As noted by Google, to successfully reflash with the introduction of this tool will only need a USB-cable – to find the web image firmware will not have.

Android Flash Tool is positioned as a usual candidate for difficult to learn programs to reflash Android, including SP Flash Tool, the implementation of which is always associated with the risk of “brick” device with the impossibility of the upcoming reflash. At the time of publication, the Android Flash Tool only supported firmware released under the AOSP project (Android Open Source Project, a proprietary version of Android without the inclusion of Google’s services), as well as patches for builds based on AOSP firmware, and updates released by Google. In the description of the Android Flash Tool, Google does not guarantee that the process of reflashing will be successful.

How it works.

Android Flash Tool is a cross-platform application that works, as assured by Google, under Linux, macOS, Chrome OS and Windows, but the latter may require additional drivers for the device – they can be downloaded specifically from the page with the application. To work correctly, you need a browser that supports the interface WebUSB – these include Microsoft Edge 70 and newer, Opera 40 and newer, and Chrome from version 61. Firefox and Safari do not have WebUSB support yet.

Before connecting an Android device, you need to enable USB debugging and activate factory unlocking (OEM Unlocking) in the developers menu. After that you can connect your device to PC and use Android Flash Tool.

In the application window, you need to find a suitable device in the list of supported, after that the automatic search for suitable firmware distributions will be performed, and you only need to choose the appropriate one from them. The application also allows you to fully erase the device from the information without reflashing.

When working with Android Flash Tool Google advises not to use USB-splitters, integrated in the monitor USB-ports, as well as extenders. The Android device must be connected directly to the port on a computer or laptop – both USB-C and traditional USB-A are suitable.

Supported devices.

At the time of publication of the material Android Flash Tool could only work with the phone itself Google, but is also far from with all. The list of supported models include the line of Pixel, starting with the second generation, released in two thousand seventeen. The Pixel four and four XL, which went on sale in the fall of two thousand and nineteen. are also on the list, while the devices of the closed line of Nexus, the predecessor of the Pixel, are not on it.

Additionally, the list of supported devices Google has indicated single-board computers series HiKey manufactured by Huawei, including the HiKey 960. This single-board PC was released in two thousand and seventeen year., and it includes the ARM processor Kirin nine hundred and sixty, which Huawei used in their own flagship Android-smartphones.

In his own blog application developers have not clarified the obvious way, whether in the future support will appear for other devices, but at the same time, they did not deny the possibility of its implementation.